Monday, 18 January 2010

Elok House by Chang Architects

I try to keep in the loop of any interesting design projects that may actually impress my husband. He is an interior designer and it is quite difficult to find something that may actually get a compliment out of him. I think this house is by far one of the most functional and beautiful urban domains I have ever seen. I will let you know if Ruben agrees.

This house, by Elok House By Chang Architects, is an outcome of an owner’s dream to live in a forest setting amidst the urbanized city of Singapore, and an architect’s interpretations of this dream. The house was conceived as a three-dimensional landscape installation, whereby the spaces were then inserted. The section reveals a series of interchangeable rooms floating in a bigger volume of space. This volume is fitted into a terrace plot with a 2-storey high retaining wall at the rear, which was transformed into a pebbled waterfall that opens up to the sky. Below, a pond that collects rainwater encompasses the living area. -V.A.

Rio Fashion Week 2010

I had to really dig for coverage of Fashion Week in Rio Jan. 9th . Some of the designers are Claudia Simoes, Walter Rodrigues, Cantao, and Maria Bonita Extra. There was a few common trends; colors, legs, even colors on legs. Brazil has such a vibrant culture and that was truly interpreted through each collection. Even black was used, the make-up reflected the tribal roots of the country. I hope in the coming seasons we will see more coverage of the up and coming designers of Latin America.