Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not like this hasn't happened before

It has been a over a month since I have posted, and it might be just as long before I post again. I wanted to leave you with an image that I found that was so fly. I don't want you to think that I have just been sitting and twirling my  fingers. I have been getting my hands dirty with many a different project.

Beginning with a trip to New York in July. Then, with intentions of gathering some great Fashion Week coverage, back to twirl around NY in September. And believe me, I twirled. You would have seen the evidence had my camera cooperated and transfered the images to my computer. I got over it quickly because the following week I would be flying to London, where it all began ;).  

Fighting jet lag we made our way to the island Solta, in Croatia. After a few days there conducting research, we  boated across the Adriatic Sea to Italy (I will post pictures of Venice. It was magical). Finally, after skipping down to Madrid, I am floating around the Northern part of Spain where I am currently typing whilst looking out at the sea. 

I am dizzy with excitement, and eager to take full advantage of these opportunities in front of me. Whether it's exploring the world of opera and meeting with costume designers, or arranging for artists to exhibit across the globe. The prospects are many, but with no time to spare.

I'm just happy for this pause in the day to check in and post a picture of my new (and very imaginary) friends.