Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Industry

So, I have been wanting to bring new Creative Individuals together in Chicago for a while now. And since the closing of Verse last fall (tear) our clubhouse has been n/a. Starting July 27th, we will be welcoming fashionistas, photographers, bloggers, and students to The Industry. The Industry is a interactive forum, lasting four weeks and is designed to encourage the exploration of the professional fashion/creative industry. During this time, we will be consulting, blogging, and hosting Q&A's with Anna Fong, Melanie Lyke of Rockett Mansion, Ashley Scott of Drapes, and Chicago stylist Justin White. I think this is gonna be an event that will provide an awesome networking and inspiring network that Chicago has thirsted for some time now. Are you gonna come?

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The Industry - Chicago from Kortnee Quiza on Vimeo.