Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I don't like being mad very long. Mostly because a smile suits me far better than a frown :). Last week, blogger kept refusing my pictures. Sure, it wasn't intentional, but it clogged up one of my only creative outlets. Not to mention the temperature was 800 degrees in Chicago. 
However, as of lately my attitude has been cooled off by this ever so pleasant breeze. Thank God, because I was really upset that I would never be able to post photos again. I will catch you up on a bit that has been happening with 7MA. 

We shot the video campaign for the upcoming collection of Drapes by ASHLEY SCOTT....

One of my newest clients Ruben Quiza, is causing quite an uproar in the design world. Here are some 3D renders from his upcoming project for Sushi Samba Chicago.

I was on hand to assist Ashley at Dose Market last weekend. 

It was the most splendid experience of innovative design, craftsmanship, and gastronomy I've had in Chicago yet. Here is a bit of footage I captured...

Well, there you have it. Let's just hope that the blogger gods are a little kinder in the upcoming weeks. I would hate to have to make a post this lengthy again. Ooooh! Make sure to check out my new Tumblr. I know what you're thinking, and you are exactly right. Come on! Remember my adventures in backing up? No?